Friday, May 6, 2016

Magic Door : A portal of possibilities

In order for my Star, Jonathan Blackstar, to become a "time traveller" , I need something to facilitate a smooth transition (relatively speaking) between game eras; enter the "Magic Door", a THW free supplement that allows you to do just that. It provides guidelines for "time-jumping" your Star and his band between the  eras covered by THW's various rulebooks. Here is a link to that supplement -

Right now I am working on Jonathan Blackstar's first adventure for this blog. I will place him in his base setting and go from there - will he start out as mild mannered accountant, thrust into a perilous situation at a frightening new dawn of apocalyptic proportions?; a tough as nails soldier with one chance to come out of a hopeless conflict alive?; a hounded brigand fleeing from the implacable might of the law? We will see, as only "time" will tell.

Until next time...

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday Afternoon Gaming

Here's a short post - I will try and get some AARs posted up later. This afternoon I went over to Ed Teixeira's place, and got to play a couple of THW's newer titles; first we played PDR - Professional Dinosaur Riders, which will be available soon. This is a very fun game that is great to play with your family and friends.

I was going to do an illustrated write up for the game, but of the 40+ photos I snapped, only 2 were usable (I really need to invest in a new camera!) I plan to do a much more detailed report next time I play PDR. The other game we played was Win or Go Home! and it was very enjoyable. It's similar to Machinas, the Post-Apocalyptic racing game, but geared to today's modern auto racing. Again, my camera let me down, so a detailed write up is going to be in a future post.

These are two games I will be adding to my library, because not only are they suitable for solo play, they are about subjects that appeal to a wider audience than just wargamers, and hence, will make it easier to attract those people that wouldn't otherwise be interested, and once they're hooked, you'll have willing victims...err, opponents for other games.

PDR - Professional Dinosaur Riders is coming out soon, so you'll have a little wait to try it yourself, but in the meantime, you can get your own copy of Win or Go Home! (link here), so give it a spin, you won't be disappointed.

Until next time...