Saturday, July 30, 2016

Workbench: Darkest Star Games Federation Puma LODAV WIP #1

I started working on the DSG 15mm Federation Puma LODAV a couple days ago. It is a really nice kit with very little prep work necessary, just two bits of flash on the underside and I easily took care of that with an X-Acto knife. The Puma is HUGE, relatively speaking, it's 140mm in length, 55mm wide, and 35mm high.
I cleaned all of the parts (it only has 3), thoroughly with Ivory bar soap - ran warm water, lathered my hands up good and took each piece, one at a time, and worked them between my hands like a soap bar, rinsed the parts off, and dried them with a paper towel.  I know most people use a few drops of dish soap in a pan of warm water to clean their resin parts, and that works fine for them because, more than likely they are going to use an aerosol primer to prime the mini. Well, I can't really use aerosols because of my health, I prime by hand with acrylic primers. I would have a Hell of a time getting the resins to take the primer, making it necessary for me to risk my health if I wanted something primed. That was the main reason I had gotten out of working on 15mm minis, cause most 15mm kits are resin. So on a whim I came up with a new way of cleaning that seems to get the mold release agent off of resin better than dish soap, and allows me to prime safely. I successfully primed the Puma and then basecoated it with Reaper MSP Clotted Red, followed by a moderate drybrushing of MSP Carnage Red. I picked out a few details and the nose cone with MSP Shadow Red. The muzzle of the turret weapon is MSP Skunkworks Gunmetal. Once that was dry, I washed the entire Puma with Army Painter Red Tone. I then took MSP Black Ink and picked out the various viewports on the hull and turret. The Puma isn't done yet. I am waiting on some decals from Ginfritter's Gnomish Workshop. Once they arrive, I will gloss cote the Puma, apply the decals, and once it's completely dry, I will seal it with Reaper Matte Sealer.

I really like this kit, so much so, I bought another one yesterday, and can't wait till it arrives.

Untill next time...


Monday, July 25, 2016

5150 - Neue Deutsche Republik battleforce

I've been working on several 15mm minis I bought last Christmas, which I originally intended to put together a New German Republic battleforce. Well, it the minis sat around languishing in my project drawer for months. I decided to pull them out and try and finish them. The vast majority are done, except for decals -

Most of the vehicles are from Brigade Models German ONESS line, with a Critical Mass Games ARC Fleet walker, and a Khurasan Miniatures Stannis Iguana All Terrain Truck. The infantry are comprised of one platoon of Ground Zero Games NSL Power Armor and one platoon of Critical Mass Games ARC Fleet Recon Troopers -

I only have a few more vehicles to finish, then I'll decal and seal everything. After that's done, I'll start on the DSG Venturians I just got.

Mail Call: Darkest Star Games 15mm goodies

This past Saturday the 15mm  items I ordered last week from Darkest Star Games arrived, a Federation Puma LODAV, 1 pack of Venturian Lift Infantry HQ, and 2 packs of Venturian Lift Infantry squads

Right now, they're in the paint queue, behind some other 15mm minis, so the Workbench  and Review post is a little ways off, but I can tell you, all the detail on the Venturians is sharp, same with the Puma LODAV. I'm looking forward to working on all of these soon.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Scale change

Since playing 5150: Star Army with Ed a week and a half ago, I am really beginning to think that maybe I need to go back to using 15mm minis for games like 5150: Star Army, All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out, and NUTS! These games benefit from being able to put a lot of minis and terrain on the table and, well, 28mm takes up a lot of space on a 3x3 table. Plus, while I love building and painting 28mm miniatures, I can knock out a platoon of 15mm minis more quickly than a I can a squad of 28mm ones. And another thing, 15mm miniatures are quite a bit cheaper as a whole.

Luckily, I still have quite a few 15mm sci-fi, WWII, and zombie minis laying around to work on, so I should be able to play a decent sized solo game of 5150:Star Army, ATZ, or NUTS! soon.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Don't you just hate it when you...

prep to play a game at a friend's house and then forget to bring that one critical item you're going to need during the game?

Well, I did just that today. I went over to Ed's and forgot to bring my camera! I wanted to show off the new Star Marine figures, that I recently finished, in action on the tabletop! Maybe it's just as well, they got their a$$es handed to them by the rebels that they were fighting.

The Star Marines; photo not from today's game

Ed and I played 5150: Star Army and I used the Marine figures as Star Army infantry. Ed used a bunch of my old AT-43 U.N.A. troopers as the rebels. The Star Army was comprised of 2 six man squads and the rebels 3 six man squads. The mission was a patrol. Since I don't have photos, it's hard to provide a detailed AAR. Next time I am going to make sure the first thing I pack is my camera!

Although I forgot the camera and my troops were defeated, I did have a great time playing 5150 Star Army. This was the first time I had played it in years - same for Ed. He hadn't played it in a long time either. One thing, it is showing its age. It's 5 years old, and quite a bit has changed with the game mechanics since it was first published. It's still very playable, but the newer mechanics, introduced since then, have streamlined the Reaction System and have made gameplay more fluid. Ed and I talked about that, and well, I'm not at liberty to divulge anything yet, but things could be getting very interesting for Star Army. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

This weekend, I will try and get some play testing of 5150: Star Marine done, here at home, and I will take photos to post in an AAR. I can tell you this about 5150: Star Marine, when it comes out, if you love 5150: Star Army, 5150: Platoon Leader, 5150: Battalion Commander, or 5150: Fringe Space, you will definitely want to add 5150: Star Marine to your collection of rule books. Lots of new and awesome stuff!

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

I haven't forgot about this blog...

I've just been busy the past few months, dealing with illness, leaving the old job, and searching for a new one. While not searching for a new job, I've had time to work on quite a few hobby projects that had been in limbo;

 from 5150: Carrier Command -

to All Things Zombie - Final Fade Out -

 to 5150: Star Marine -

and a little bit of terrain making in between -

Hopefully, I can get the Magic Door campaign going soon. We'll see...