Monday, November 28, 2016

New photos added to Miniatures Gallery

I just added some new photos to the Miniatures Gallery. They are of one of the Reaper Miniatures BONES CAVs I have been working on.

Later today I will try and add some more photos of the other CAVs I've finished, and possibly photos of some 15mm infantry.

Workbench: GZG UNSC Heavy Infantry

Here are some photos of 48 Ground Zero Games UNSC Heavy Infantry I finished a while ago -

48 UNSC Heavy Infantry in Hard Suits with Grav packs

Shot from different angle

Squad Leaders


More Riflemen

Riflemen kneeling and prone

SAW gunners

Heavy Support Mini-missile launchers and Plasma guns

These are painted to use on my desert gaming mats. The base color is Reaper MSP Ashen Brown HD with a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone. The weapons are painted with Reaper MSP Scorched Metal, also washed with Army Painter Strong Tone.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Miniatures Gallery added

I have added a separate page to the blog to display the miniatures I've built and painted. I will try and add to it on a regular basis. You can view it by clicking on the tab in the cross column under the blog title header.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

5150: Star Army 2nd Tour AAR - "A funny thing happened on patrol today..."

Earlier today I went over to Ed's, and we played 5150: Star Army 2nd Tour. I took a platoon of Star Army troops and Ed took a Free Company platoon. We determined that the Free Company was contesting the world, so they engaged in an Attack mission, whereas, my Star Army platoon was on a routine patrol. PEFs were assigned, all 3 in section 6 of the table. I had set up my platoon spread out between sections 7 through 9, my Star's squad anchoring section 9.

Activation was rolled and the Star Army won, but only my squad was able to activate. I moved my squad into a position to roll for In Sights in section 6. Only one In Sight resolved as a Contact - an infantry squad in a defensive emplacement

Combat quickly ensued, with the Free Company opening fire first. The firefight was quick and bloody -

Due to some rather crappy rolls on my part, the Free Company suffered no casualties, while my squad suffered two Obviously Dead results, 2 Out Of the Fight results, and 2 Duck Backs. My Star and one rifleman high-tailing it into cover. Not a good way to start a patrol. That was the end of the turn.

It was now time to roll for Activation again. In this new version of Star Army you now roll 3 dice when determining activation, because now you're taking into account a new variable in your battles; your side, your opponents side, and the Bugs side. If during the course of rolling for Activation, you come up triples, the Bugs will enter the fray. Well, on this turn the dice came up -

Ed crunched out the percentage of probability that this happening was .05%. Talk about crappy luck!

Things had gotten off to a rocky start in the first turn and now things took a nosedive. Ed let me roll for the number of Bugs, telling me I needed to roll low. Well, I rolled just the opposite - the resulting Bugs numbered 50 Warrior Bugs, 6 Flier Bugs, and a Puker Bug (oh joy) -

Swoop attack vectors were determined for the Fliers and they made their passes -

Only 2 Fliers made Swoop attacks, but were gunned down quickly, resulting in no casualties to the 2 Star Army squads they attacked -

But the elation was short lived. Next, the Puker attacked, and zeroed in on the Platoon Leader's half squad and both Support assets - it did not go well -

The Platoon Leader was Obviously Dead and everyone else was Out Of the Fight. After this the Warrior Bugs engaged the surviving squad in section 8 and scored 3 Out Of the Fight results, leaving a grand total of 11 Star Army troopers left in the platoon. Rolls for Casualty Tests were made and only 5 troopers (including my Star) passed, the other 6 bolting off the battlefield (there's going to be Hell to pay for them at the board of inquiry). I determined that it was pointless to remain with only 5 troopers against 50 Bugs, and opted to retreat. As we left the field of battle, the Free Company squad was about to enjoy the Bug's hospitality...

The survivors of the platoon made it back to base to debrief and face the music for their failed patrol. Lots of courts martial to be had all around.

Workbench: WIP Darkest Star Games 15mm Federation Puma GIFV LODAVs

I've been working on a couple of 15mm vehicles I purchased a few months ago, Federation Puma GIFV LODAVs  I got from Darkest Star Games. The kits are of a good size, roughly 140mm x 55mm x 30mm. They are very cleanly molded, requiring hardly any prep, other than a warm soapy wash to remove any mold release agent on the resin. The kits are comprised of just 3 parts each.

I decided to go with a metallic two-tone color scheme. Each Puma was base coated with Reaper MSP Scorched Metal and then certain hull plates were painted Reaper MSP Drillbit Metal. Viewports on each Puma's hull and turret were picked out with Reaper MSP Peacock Green. Targeting laser lenses are Reaper MSP Rach Red. Barrel muzzles and turret sensor mounts are Reaper MSP Skunkworks Gunmetal.

All that's left to do on these, is to apply some decals. I found some nice ones on eBay that I need to order.