Saturday, December 17, 2016

Workbench: Star Carrier for 5150: Fighter Command/ Carrier Command WIP #1

As I work on minis for 5150: Fringe Space, I am also working on some for 5150: Fighter Command/ Carrier Command. This one is a Star Carrier, a 1/1000th scale Bandai Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Garmillas Astro Carrier Balgray -

Since I'm using Metal Express Silent Death plastic starfighters, the 1/1000th scale Bandai Space Battleship Yamato 2199 kits are great for use as CapShips.

The Balgray is about 16 inches long when finished, and because it's a snap-together kit, is fairly easy to build. What does take time on it, is painting it. I started the kit yesterday, and am still working on the keel flight deck -

I need to finish painting and assembling the keel flight deck before I move on to the middle flight deck. More photos soon.

Workbench: The Black Star

When I decided to start working on a 5150: Fringe Space campaign, I figured I would need to have a ship miniature for my Star. At first I thought about buying an old Monogram Star Trek Maquis ship kit, but then I decided that I wouldn't need something that big, plus being strapped for cash, I didn't want to fork out $50 + shipping to get one. Then I realized I had something in my pile of kits that would work out just fine, a Bandai Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Mecha Collection Deusula the Second Command ship -

Being a "box scale" kit, it's length (roughly 4.25 in.) is perfect for use with Fringe Space's ship combat system, and the kit is easy to build (snap together) and paint. I finished it in no time - here is "The Black Star" -

I have a bunch of other Bandai "box scale" kits I'll be working on in addition to this one.

Workbench: The Tiger Corps WIP #1

Here's a quick look at the minis I will be using to represent the crew of my 5150: Fringe Space Star's ship, The Black Star. The minis are from Mantic Games' Mars Attacks line, they are the Tiger Corps, a multi-species mercenary unit -

My Star, Arkan Blackstar, is basically a privateer with connections throughout the Inner and Middle Rings of the Gaea Prime universe, so I wanted a group of figures with a unified look to form the crew, I also wanted the crew to include aliens as well as humans, and these fit the bill perfectly.

I am really liking these minis. The sculpts are very good, with crisp detail. The aliens are pretty cool, and you get a good variety of species in the box. I'm going to be making up Fringe Space stats for these soon, which I will share here and on the Two Hour Wargames Forum.

I started getting them ready for priming and painting, with a warm, soapy bath to remove any mold release agent that might still be on the plastic. They're drying and will be ready to prime soon -

More photos of these as I progress on them.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Finding minis for use with 5150: Fringe Space

I've been looking at some new minis to add to my Fringe Space game, mainly some character minis to use as a ship's crew. I already have quite a few human and alien minis, but they are kind of a motley mix. I really wanted to find a group of minis, human and alien, that had some uniformity to them. I looked at all the usual suspects; Reaper, Hasslefree, Heresy, etc. Nothing really jumped out at me, then on an off chance, I decided to see if maybe Mantic had something in either their Deadzone or Warpath lines. Again, nothing jumped out at me at first, then on a whim I clicked on their Mars Attacks line and found a set of minis that screamed at me "this is the ships crew you're looking for". The minis are the Tiger Corps

Tiger Corps photo from Mantic site

Well, $30 + shipping from the UK seemed a bit steep, so I looked on Miniature Market and The War Store, both of which didn't have them in stock at the time. So I went on eBay, and as luck would have it, one of my favorite sellers just happened to have one box in stock, and at a cheaper price than Mantic, Miniature Market, and The War Store sold them for, and the seller is here in Texas! So I jumped on it! They arrived yesterday and I'm quite pleased with them. Very nice sculpts with crisp detail. They should paint up quite well. I will post photos in the next day or so, as I get around to prepping them for painting.

I also wanted to find a starship miniature for the crew, to use with the FS space combat rules. Well, that was easier than I thought. I already had a suitable ship model in my possession, a Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Mecha Collection Deusula the Second Command Ship -

Being "box scale", it's perfect to use with the FS space combat rules, plus these models are very inexpensive on Hobby Link Japan, you just have to find them when HLJ has them restocked.

I also have several other SBY 2199 Mecha Collection kits I will be using for the various factions -

I will post photos of these as I finish them.

Now I've got plenty of minis for Fringe Space to keep me busy for the time being.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Reformatting The Blackstar Chronicles

I've decided to return to my primary wargaming interest: Science Fiction. Gone are pulp, historical, and fantasy, as I really have little or no interest in those wargaming genres. I want to try to work on a 5150: Fringe Space campaign for my Star, Jonathan Blackstar. I've got a few ideas I'm toying with. I think Blackstar might just get a career change.

I'm also going to re-do the Miniatures Gallery. It needs to be better organized than it currently is. Other things that need to be reworked, are the blog list and various link lists. Those will take some time to do, so please bear with me.