Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WORKBENCH: Blue Horizon - PMC Battleforce WIP #1

I've stated in the previous post that I was working on a 28mm battleforce, well here is a look at what I have completed so far. The battleforce is of a free company (mercenaries) that I have been trying to develop over the past several years, first in 15mm, and now in 28mm. The name of the free company is Blue Horizon -PMC.
For the basic infantry I am using Reaper Miniatures Nova Corp soldiers, from their Chronoscope BONES line. The minis are relatively inexpensive and paint up nicely -

The figures were base coated with Reaper Master Series Paints Breonne Blue. The blanket on their backpacks is MSP Military Blue, the ID badges on their chests are MSP Old Bronze, their helmet visors are MSP Atlantean Aqua. Their weapons are painted with MSP Skunkworks Gunmetal. The minis were given a wash with Secret Weapon's Blue Black Wash. For their bases, which look like deck plating, I painted them MSP Skunkworks Gunmetal and gave them a wash with Army Painter Dark Tone.

I have also finished one vehicle. It is a slightly modified Taurus ("Brick") APC from Puppets War. The modification is the addition of a small weapons turret on the top deck. The turret is from a Nemesis LSV, from ClearHorizon Miniatures. The modification came from a happy accident; I was playing around with the Taurus kit and the Nemesis kit a while back, dry-fitting parts and discovered that the Nemesis' turret fit perfectly into the Taurus' top crew hatch opening, and looked VERY GOOD to boot -

The Taurus was base coated with MSP Breonne Blue. The weapon's barrel and the vehicle exhausts were painted with MSP Skunkworks Gunmetal. Vehicle viewports were pick out with MSP Atlantean Aqua. The treads on the roadwheels were picked out with Secret Weapon Acrylics Tire Black. Details like keypads and access lights, were picked out with MSP Carnage Red. The headlights painted with MSP Polished Silver. The vehicle was given a wash of Secret Weapon Blue Black Wash, and to finish it off, the weapon barrel and vehicle exhausts washed with Army Painter Dark Tone.

Group photos -

UPDATE: Stuff in the works

I haven't posted much lately because of a few things that are taking up my time. Mostly I have been working on painting commissions for Two Hour Wargames, but there are some side projects in the works also. I am putting together a 28mm battleforce that is comprised of infantry and vehicles. The infantry are Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope BONES Nova Corp figures

and the vehicles, so far, are by Puppets War and ClearHorizon Miniatures

Eventually, I would like to add a Strider or two, from Mantic Games Deadzone line

Another thing that is in the works, is my stripping and repainting several Brigade Models 15mm vehicles that I will be selling after they are finished. I am clearing out all of my remaining 15mm items - I want to only collect 28mm minis from now on. I prefer that scale for skirmish wargaming. 15mm just doesn't work for me.
If I do keep any 15mm minis, they will be  the zombies I still have, because of the number of zeds you can end up generating during the game can sometimes overwhelm the space you're playing on. In this instance, 15mm is a better option.
You might notice that in the Miniatures Link list below, that most of the links to manufacturers of 15mm minis have disappeared, although a few remain. Those that remain, also produce 28mm sci-fi minis or spaceship minis, which I continue to use, so that is why they are being kept.