Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Mail Call: 15mm Mullo AFV with twin Angis AP cannons from The Ion Age

The Ion Age 15mm Mullo AFV I ordered late Sunday night, from Noble Knight Games, arrived today.

Kudos to Noble Knight for the very fast shipping, always an A+ in my book when dealing with an online retailer.

The vehicle is pretty good sized, 80mm L x 70mm W x 30mm H, it is also reasonably priced. I paid $12.76 for it, which is cheap for a vehicle kit of this size.

The kit is comprised of 8 resin parts and 4 metal ones. The assembly is straight forward. The resin cast is very good, with almost no flash or bubbling, the only instances being at the rear of the vehicle hull. The flash is easily taken care of with a sharp X-Acto knife and the bubbling can be filled in with a tiny amount of putty or a baking soda/super glue mixture.

Overall, the quality of the kit is very good, which is par for the course with The Ion Age. I highly recommend The Ion Age for their great minis, and if you are in the United States, I highly recommend The Ion Age's North American distributor, Noble Knight Games. They stock a large selection of The Ion Age.

I will probably pick up at least a couple more Mullos in the near future.

I will have a Workbench post for the Mullo soon.