Monday, April 3, 2017

The insanity has taken hold again...

Yes, the insanity of 15mm has returned. In my commission work, I have been painting so many 15mm minis as of late, and now it has begun to chip away at my resolve to not be tempted to get back into collecting 15mm minis. I can blame two individuals for this state of affairs, Ed the Two Hour Wargames Guy and Don M from the Brazos Evil Empire. Thanks guys. LOL!

I ordered some infantry from Ground Zero Games and a vehicle from The Ion Age, through their North American distributor Noble Knight Games.

The infantry I ordered from GZG are from their Out Rim Coalition line. I ordered one of each currently available code -

The Ion Age vehicle I ordered is one of their Mullo AFVs, the one with twin Angis AP cannons -

I've painted the ORC Marines before, and I really liked them. This will be the first Ion Age vehicle I've ever worked on, but it looks like it is pretty straight forward to build and paint, we will see once it arrives. If I like it, I will order a couple more.

I am going to try and not go overboard on getting back into 15mm again (yeah, right). This time I will stick to one army at a time.


  1. Welcome (Back) to the dark side my


  2. LOL Come On we can turn on the I'll be fun, it I'll be fun ......)

  3. Fun like this?

  4. Like this