Sunday, April 9, 2017

Workbench: The Ion Age Mullo AFV with twin Angis AP cannons

I finished the Mullo last night. It took me a little longer to complete than most vehicle minis I do, because I added a step - I applied some decals. To my surprise, the decals actually went on easily and look good. Here are the photos of the finished Mullo -

This was the first time I've applied water-slide decals to a 15mm mini. Normally I hate those type of decals, because I usually have a difficult time applying them due to not having the most steady hands, but these went on with no problems.

The colors used on the Mullo were a mix of Reaper MSP, Secret Weapon Acrylics, and The Army Painter -

Base coat: MSP Scorched Metal

Raised panels: MSP Drillbit Metal

Headlights: MSP Golden Glow

Main and secondary armaments: MSP Blackened Steel

Viewports: MSP Peacock Green followed with MSP Brilliant Green

Tires: Secret Weapon Acrylics Tire Black

Overall wash: The Army Painter Strong Tone

I really enjoyed painting the Mullo, and will be picking up more of them in the future. In fact, I'm going to start on a Marcher Baron army, now that I've settled on the colors I will use for it. I think the Retained Knight figures from The Ion Age would look pretty good in the metallic scheme I used on this Mullo.


  1. Now that was a very different direction than I thought!
    I like it and yeah Retained Knight figures in these colors
    would look wicked !

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah, I decided on a different color scheme than the one I mentioned to you last week. The Scorched Metal went on in one coat, unlike the other color I thought about using originally.
    Once I get some Retained Knights they'll be painted to match the Mullo.

  3. Lovely work. I like it! Never seen a Mullo in those colours before. Retained Knights like that would be excellent.

    From all at The Ion Age.


  4. Thanks Gavin! I wanted to try something different for the color scheme, as I had seen the fine examples of other people's work on The Ion Age blog, and said to myself, "I wonder what this would look like in a metallic scheme?".

  5. I picked a name for my Ion Age army - Barony of Cadw'n Efydd.

  6. Excellent. Do email me when you have your force made up, on, in case I miss your blog post. You are doing some good work.


  7. I will do that Gavin. Thank you.